Today, in fact, the labor market has increasingly specific demands.

Preparing the suitcase and leaving without knowing the language and without an excellent presentation of ourselves and our skills can become really risky.

It is indeed easy to run into jobs that are far from our desires and working for other Italians in restaurants and ice cream parlors increasingly lead to bad experiences.

In fact, finding the job you want is not impossible, even if you don’t speak German. However, we need to adapt our demand to the demand of the labor market.

This is exactly what I teach at the Job Academy course.

Some time ago I was contacted by Sergio Nava, journalist of Il Sole 24 Ore and host of Radio24 for the Generation Mobile column.

He asked me for some information on how to find a job in Germany today. Here is the link below to listen to the interview.

If you are looking for other information to find a job in Germany, you can find them in this blog in the Find a job category.

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