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Preparation for the DSH and Studienkolleg examinations


The statistics show that the DSH and Studienkolleg examinations are rarely passed without special preparation. The failure rate in Munich for the Studienkolleg entrance exam is around 70 per cent; those for the DSH are somewhat lower. Those who fail the exam have usually not taken part in a preparation course. Good ability in German, such as is sometimes obtained abroad, is not enough to pass these tests. Even those with a relatively good command of the German language can fail the specialized exercises involved, especially when the pressure of time increases one's lack of confidence in doing the required exercises. Many participants who enter these exams unprepared and consequently fail, only realize afterwards the opportunity they have missed, because they then face the problem of definitely having to pass the repeat examination if they want to hold on to their aim of studying in Germany.

For this reason, suitable preparation in specialized training courses is definitely to be recommended, whether it's:

  - working on a piece of text and learning how to recognise the core content and solving the exercises typically required in the available time;

  - language structure: recognising and practising the grammatical patterns in the usually fairly difficult transformational exercises;

  - written tests, and reaching the required level of correct usage, logical structure and stylistic arrangement, something hardly obtainable without the help of experienced language tutors;

  - oral technique: improving it to the extent that answering questions doesn't represent an overwhelming obstacle;

And finally, a certain routine approach needs to be installed for solving these exercises in the short time available during the test, something that can hardly succeed on your own without professional guidance. In short, if you have decided to study in Germany, you should not put your plans in jeopardy simply through lack of preparation for the language exam!

Though this site will inform instead of advertise, we want to answer to the many questions on the the we recommend. ASL International Language School in Leopoldstraße prepares students in courses of 4, 6 and 8 weeks for DSH-, Studienkolleg- and TestDaF-Tests in 25 lessons per week and with max. 25 participants. we mention this school because of its successful training (up to 90% of the participiants pass the test) and its fair prices (110 € per week/25 lessons). See also