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University Tuition Fees 

The university course tuition in Germany is politically disputed. The educational policy is up to the particular state. In some German states it costs up to 500 Euros per semester and in other states it is free. When you compare the tuition of 500 Euros per semester, it is lower than in other European countries and especially the USA.

It is very rare to find free university studies in Europe nowadays. When you compare other university studies in other comparable countries, Germany’s universities are rather affordable.


Great Britain    1.000-14.000 for foreigners from the EU, 10.000-35.000 for others
Italy 430 - 3000 
Austria 720 foreigners from the EU, 1.450 for others
Netherlands rund 1.500
France 150-420, for private Universities about 5.500
Finnland 3.500-12.000 für None-EU-Students (planned)
Switzerland 1.200-5.000
Japan about 3.900, private Universities 8.000
USA around 3.500, private Univesities from 16.000


(Data per year in Euro. Tuition is subject to change)

Given the great reputation of the university education in Germany and the high ranking of both universities in Munich, TU and LMU, the quality of education (for the relatively low price) is a strong reason to choose to go to a university in Munich. 


The pros and cons of the university tuition have been discussed for many years in Germany. The proponents of charging tuition say that students who pay for their university studies take their studies more seriously and work harder to earn their university diploma. Also, university studies are seen as an investment for a young person and therefore paid for by that person, and not the government (in this case, the tax-payer). Tuition is fair and social because the general population will not be paying for the education of the few in the universities. In addition, the university receives funding that helps to improve the quality of the education. 

Opponents of charging university tuition say that charging a fee is against the right to a free education. Only sons and daughters of wealthy parents have the opportunity to get a good education, and children from families who earn less money have fewer opportunities and are at a disadvantage. With this tuition law, the federal republic violates the democratic principles of equal opportunity and promotes the development of a social structure that keeps the poor, poor and the rich. 

At the beginning of 2008 the topic of university tuition was once again being discussed. In Hessen, the SPD, Green Party, and PDS tried to gather campaign support by cancelling the university tuition where on the other hand, they support the tuition fees where they govern. The CDU / CSU and FDP, who never miss an opportunity to talk negatively about the poor education and its social impenetrability, stuck to the law. 

Given the financial problems of many of the states, there is not much extra money in the reserves. Even though these states would like to keep education free, it is no longer possible. The intention that universities should receive tuition does not solve the problem. Up to this point, we have not heard of any improvements regarding the situations at the universities. 
Exemption from the university tuition


The agreed upon tuition applies to all students. Exceptions include a small group of people, for example, people who have to raise and take care of a child that is under the age of 10. Exceptions also include Erasmus students.

Further details can be found under www.

Student Loans

For German student and students from other EU countries there are student loans with low interest rates. For these loans there are no financial background checks. 
People who are eligible for student loans must be enrolled in a university in Bavaria or the Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt and are required to pay tuition. The following groups of people fulfill the criteria:

- Germans and their families
- EU and EEA (European Economic Area) citizens and their families
- People who have received their admission to a German institute of higher education from a German school in Germany

You can find more information at the official site of student loans www.